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Ultimate X-Men #94

May 19, 2008

Quick Rating: Fair
Title: Absolute Power Part One
Rating: T+

Alpha Flight attacks – but who are they after?

Writer: Aron E. Coleite
Pencils: Mark Brooks
Inks: Jamie Mendoza & Troy Hubbs
Colors: Edgar Delgado
Letters: Albert Deschesne
Editor: Bill Rosemann
Cover Art: Gabrielle Dell’Otto
Publisher: Marvel Comics

New writer Aron E. Coleite comes on-board this issue by “Ultimizing” another Marvel mainstay and giving us a spotlight on Colossus. Having rejoined the team in the wake of the battle with Apocalypse, Colossus is stunned when the team is suddenly attacked by the Canadian answer to the Ultimates, Alpha Flight – and they want to reclaim one of their own.

I’ve got to admit, I’ve always felt that the Ultimate Colossus gay thing was more a stunt for attention than anything else, but Coleite at least manages to get a fairly solid story here. That particular angle is really only important due to who Alpha Flight tracks, but a more interesting angle comes when we discover a power that Colossus actually lacks, and the steps he takes to compensate for it. Alpha Flight itself is fairly generic – standard undeveloped anti-heroes that are there to take down the stars of the book. Nothing special, but nothing terrible either… well, except for some of the costumes. I also appreciate the connectivity between some of the other books in the Ultimate line – the new Firestar appears here, having made her debut in Ultimate Spider-Man.

Mark Brooks does the art for this issue, and he does a solid job. I really liked his work on the Ultimate Spider-Man Annuals, and I would have been fine with him taking over that book when Bagley left. He does a good job here, though – the storytelling is clear and concise, and his rendition of lil’ Colossus (via a flashback sequence) works very well.

This issue doesn’t blow me away, but if nothing else, it’s a step up from the dreadful Apocalypse storyline.

Rating: 6/10

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