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G.I. Joe: Infestation #2

April 17, 2011

Writer: Mike Raicht
Giovanni Timpano
J. Brown
Robbie Robbins
John K. Snyder III
Andy Schmidt       
IDW Publishing

The Baroness has captured the Joe named Psyche Out, and with him has managed to seize a bizarre piece of technology, both of which have gone with her to a deep sea Cobra base. The strange tech, though, is beginning to infect animal and technology alike, turning them into a horrible, all-consuming swarm of death… and freeing Psyche Out may be her only chance to stop it before it destroys the base – or even worse. The story here is okay. It works mostly as a reverse of a plot we’ve seen plenty of times before, where the good guys may have a villain in captivity and need their help to stop a greater threat. This time around, it’s much more about the villains, and that probably makes for a more entertaining story in the long run. I’m also surprised that this issue ends in a way that does, in fact, leave some lasting repercussions for IDW’s G.I. Joe franchise. (I suppose it shouldn’t be that surprising, since a lasting change happened over in the TransFormers section of the crossover as well.) The action is strong, the gore isn’t over the top… all in all, it’s an okay comic. It’s lacking something, though, some sort of jolt that’s needed to make it more than just okay. Entertaining, but I can’t help feeling like it could have been more.

Rating: 7/10

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