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Star Wars: Legacy #21

March 15, 2008

Star Wars: Legacy #21 (Dark Horse Comics)
By John Ostrander, Omar Francia & Douglas Wheatley

I wasn’t really a big fan of last issue, the first part of “Indomitable,” but part two really blew me away. Eight years ago, Admiral Stazi led a small army of Alliance ships away from the surrender to the Empire. Now, the remnants of the Alliance are ready to stage a last stand in the docking ring orbiting the Mon Calamari planet. This is a really effective battle sequence, and it turns Stazi from a sort of sad, reclusive figure to a powerful, admirable one. I wasn’t happy for the focus to be taken off of Cade’s story, but now I’m quite happy to see where Stazi’s tale will take him, and how it will dovetail in with the main story of the series. Well done, Ostrander — you won me over.
Rating: 9/10

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