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Punisher War Journal (2007 Series) #8

May 10, 2007

Quick Rating: Very Good
Title: Sunset
Rating: T+

Caught by the Hate-Monger, the Punisher makes his stand for Captain America.

Writer: Matt Fraction
Art: Ariel Olivetti
Letters: Joe Caramagna
Editor: Axel Alonso
Cover Art: Ariel Olivetti
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Still in the clutches of the Hate-Monger, the Punisher goads him into making the fight man-to-man. Stu and Tati, meanwhile, run into a little trouble, and G.W. Bridge has to face up to the results of his obsession with Frank Castle.

This storyline continues to impress the heck out of me. Like last issue, most of this one is told in flashback, as we see Frank and Stu making their plans to take the Hate-Monger down. The flashbacks are growing nearer and nearer to the present, though, and by the end, we get a nice little cliffhanger that will certainly keep people enticed for next issue.

The Bridge subplot progresses nicely here as well. While Frank’s trials are the reason people are picking this title up, the Bridge story provides probably the deepest parts of the story, as we see the effects an obsession can have on an otherwise dedicated, competent individual. More and more, this part of the series is giving me a Les Miserables vibe.

Ariel Olivetti’s artwork is strong as well – Frank and the Hate-Monger both cast strong, imposing figures, and the layouts are especially good. There is one panel that rather jumped out at me, though – a scene where Frank actually has his tongue stuck out in thought threw me back to the old “Pulverizer” strips from Marvel’s What The?! series. A bit of unintentional hilarity, but otherwise, the art is all good.

This title really has been a nice surprise – low expectations led me right into a really strong story.

Rating: 8/10

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