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Ape Entertainment’s Comic Spectacular #1

May 7, 2007

Ape Entertainment’s Comic Spectacular! (Ape Entertainment)
By Steve Bryant, Matt Anderson, Eric Hutchins, Micah Farritor, Troy Dye, Tom Kellesides, Collin Fogel, Jim Hankins, Matt Wendt, Brent E. Erwin, Chad Lambert, David Hedgecock, Skipper Martin & Tone Rodriguez

Out of the various small publishers vying for your comic dollars these days, Ape Entertainment has put forth some of the best, most diverse books I’ve read in a while, and this FCBD grab-bag is a nice sampler of self-contained stories featuring a variety of their characters and aimed at a variety of audiences. The Athena Voltaire story, for instance, is a typical Athena-style adventure story, the sort of thing for people who want an “Indiana Jones” type of comic without the cheesecake of Tomb Raider. The White Picket Fences story is my first exposure to the comic, but the cryptic statments of an elementary school science teacher just before he turns into a giant lizard-man are intriguing enough to make me want to read more. Fantasy fans will enjoy The Goblin Chronicles, while people who like to see the tarnishing of anything too “cutsie” will delight in the Teddy Scares story here. Go-go Gorilla and the Jungle Crew are forced to save a comic shop on Free Comic Book Day from a mob of supervillain collectors, and the book concludes with a great vignette from Bizarre New World, in which Paul Krutcher — the man who can fly — gets his inventive revenge on a nasty blind date. I already loved Go-Go Gorilla (give us more, Ape), and Bizarre New World and Athena Voltaire are also comics I’ve sampled and really enjoyed. This book has really gotten me interested in White Picket Fences as well — and if this comic has enticed more people like myself to look for comics they haven’t read before, I think it’s safe to call it a definite success.

Rating: 8/10

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