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Living With the Dead #3

December 14, 2007

Living With the Dead #3 (Dark Horse Comics)
By Mike Richardson & Ben Steinbeck

The conclusion of Living With the Dead gives us a nicely comedic twist to what looked like a fairly simple story. Whip and Straw, best buddies, have fallen out over the sudden appearance of what may be the last living woman in a world full of zombies. The two decide to make a pact regarding the girl, but neither of them may be able to live up to the terms — and with the undead encroaching, it may be a moot point pretty soon. Issue two seemed to set up a lot of cliches for this story, but Mike Richardson managed to find a few clever turns to filter the story through. While the ending is still a little telegraphed, that doesn’t make it any less funny, and while things are certainly open for a potential sequel, the story is also wrapped up pretty neatly just as it is. With so many zombie books on the stands, it’s hard to find many stand-outs. But if you like the genre, this would make a satisfying addition to your collection.
Rating: 7/10

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