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X-Factor Forever #1

March 10, 2010

X-Factor Forever #1 (Marvel Comics)
By Louise Simonson & Dan Panosian

I’ve often said that my favorite X-Men are the original five, and a big part of the reason for that is, in the years when I first started reading Marvel Comics heavily, those five were the stars of the excellent X-Factor series written by Louise Simonson. The book never quite worked as well after she left, and when the core five left to return to the X-Men, I went with them. So I’m really happy to see Simonson‘s run get the “Forever” treatment, telling a story of a world where she never left the book and continuing from that point, at a time when X-Factor lived on a sentient starship created by the Sentinels and liberated from Apocalypse, along with Scott’s infant son Christopher, who was not yet time-tossed and turned into Cable. This first issue is a lot of set-up, reminding us who the main supporting characters in the book were at the time (including romantic interests for Iceman, Beast, and Archangel), and reintroducing the villains with Apocalypse and Cameron Hodge. Although I haven’t read Simonson‘s issues in years, this book brought me right back where we left off, and it felt really good, like I was coming home. I don’t know if this book will resonate with people who didn’t read Simonson‘s run back in the day, but through the eyes of this old-school fan, this return to form was a wonderful experience.
Rating: 8/10

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