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Seven Soldiers: Shining Knight #1

March 5, 2005

Quick Rating: Good
Title: The Last of Camelot

A new Shining Knight finds his way to Earth!

Writer: Grant Morrison
Art: Simone Bianchi
Colors: Nathan Eyring
Letters: Rob Leigh
Editor: Peter Tomasi
Cover Art: Simone Bianchi
Publisher: DC Comics

I was, I have to admit, underwhelmed by Seven Soldiers #0. It seemed a bit loose for my tastes and I didn’t really feel much of an urge to continue with the series. But Shining Knight, the first of the seven miniseries spinning out of that special, is much more entertaining.

This book features a new Knight, not the same Sir Justin, but one with many similar characteristics. This Justin and his steed Vanguard are soldiers from another realm where a high-tech, yet medieval war is being battled for that universe’s Camelot. The realm is a weird science fiction take on the legend of King Arthur, and the circumstances that pluck Justin from his home to our world don’t seem too convoluted. It isn’t quite clear yet how this book ties in to the one-shot, but I get the impression with this project that it shouldn’t be too obvious, that each book should stand alone but still fit with the larger whole. Unfortunately, it’s still far too early to try to gauge the success of that particular goal.

Simone Bianchi is a new name to me, but the artwork in this issue is pretty impressive. It isn’t easy to blend science fiction with medieval fantasy, and often attempts to do so wind up looking kind of hokey, but this book succeeds for the most part. Justin’s world could certainly use a little more development (why, after all, in a universe with laser rifles are people still fighting with swords?), but the look of it works. It’s a little too dark for my tastes, especially for a character that’s supposed to be “shining,” but it works for the most part.

I’m still skeptical about this project in the long-term, but Shining Knight, at least, seems to be on the right track.

Rating: 7/10

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