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Ghostbusters: Infestation #1

March 27, 2011

Writer: Erik Burnham
Kyle Hotz
Dan Brown
Chris Mowry
Kyle Hotz
Tom Waltz
IDW Publishing

The zombie invasion has made its way into the world of the Ghostbusters, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. There’s been a rash of poltergeist attacks that have the unfortunate ability to defy the containment unit. It’s not a good time for zombies to attack – especially zombies that have a tendency to explode when blasted with a proton pack, spewing noxious, zombie-spawning goo all over everything.

I’ve read all of the Infestation books to date, and I really think this is the best one. Erik Burnham has mastered the voices of the Ghostbusters, seeding the book with just the right doses of comedy and terror in a perfect balance. The approach to the zombies, naturally, is also different for these characters than you get in the worlds of the TransFormers, Star Trek, or G.I. Joe. These guys are used to the supernatural. When your job is catching ghosts, dealing qith zombies really isn’t that much of a stretch. In fact, Egon pulls out a flawless examination of the plague of the undead that shows their relationship to the usual terrors the Ghostbusters deal with. Kyle Hotz helps boost an already-strong script with artwork that’s just as strong, again blending the horror and the humor in just the right doses. Infestation has been okay, but if all the crossovers had been like this, it could have been great.

Rating: 9/10

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