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Green Lantern Corps (2006 Series) #58

April 2, 2011

Title: War of the Green Lanterns Part Two
Tony Bedard
Tyler Kirkham
Batt with Rob Hunter
Nei Ruffino
Steve Wands
Tyler Kirkham
Brian Cunningham, Adam Schlagman & Eddie Berganza
DC Comics

Things are looking bad for the Green Lantern Corps. In part one of War of the Green Lanterns, Krona unleashed an all-out assault on Oa, using the Guardians as hosts of the Entities he’s been collecting and placing the Yellow entity, Parallax, back inside the main power battery, where he was trapped for millennia. This time, though, the battery isn’t a prison, it’s a conduit to power. Parallax seizes the minds of the entire Green Lantern Corps, except for those few Lanterns who have, however briefly, played host to him before. Although Kyle Rayner and John Stewart both manage to ward off his control, the fear and paranoia he creates begins to seep in, and it’s Lantern against Lantern.

The danger behind War of the Green Lanterns is that the whole premise seems to be anchored in that old chestnut  of brainwashed heroes being forced to fight those that aren’t brainwashed. The fact that the “free” Lanterns are greatly outnumbered makes the story more interesting, but there’s still only so much mileage one can get out of that concept. This issue perhaps takes it a bit farther than it needs to, with most of the book focusing on Kyle and John’s battle, with Ganthet trapped in the middle. It’s an intense fight, although (appropriately enough) the intensity comes more out of the emotion that’s spilled on the page than any of the actual action scenes. There’s little fear that either of these two will actually die (not until later in the crossover, at least) so having them hurl rather hateful, painful statements at each other really is more effective. Superheroes can come back from the dead by next issue. Kyle ripping open John’s emotional scars over the death of Katma Tui, or John comparing Kyle to scared, stupid grunts who get their friends killed? Those are the sort of wounds that take time even for superheroes to heal. It’s good, but it’s a bit much. This issue needed something else, a b-plot to break it up a little bit.

Tyler Kirkham’s artwork is solid, with great action scenes and lots of wild outer space elements. The cover is particularly nice, with John’s ring-constructs eating up most of the art space.

This is a good issue, but not great. Hopefully, the rest of the crossover will improve.

Rating: 7/10

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