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PS 238 #49

April 1, 2011

Writer: Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams
Do-Gooder Press

The cast of our favorite superhero elementary school saga are all over the place. Moon Shadow and Argonaut are lost in space, drifting somewhere in the universe in a ship with a disabled navigation system. Back on Earth, Cecil Holmes is trying to find them, with a little help from the Revenant. Von Fogg, meanwhile, has cracked into an alternate dimension – one without superheroes to prevent his schemes for conquest – so it’s up to USA Patriot Act, Guardian Angel, 84, and two Zodons to try to stop him. And the second Atlas, meanwhile, continues to try – and fail – to adapt to human life.

It’s a credit to Aaron Williams as a writer that he can throw so many balls into the air and still make it feel like all of them are getting the screen time they deserve in this issue. The assorted stories go in and out of themselves and connect in careful, logical ways, and even though the characters are still universes apart by the time the issue ends, you get the feeling like Williams is planning to bring everything back together for a slam-bang conclusion in the next issue. (Not coincidentally, next up is issue 50…)

The Full Frontal Nerdity back-up this month delves into lots of different kinds of geek topics – superhero RPGs, movies, comics and so forth. I kind of wish Williams could fit more than just a few strips per issue. There are some really sharp jokes and insights in this series, and although you can read ‘em for free online, I kinda like having a collection to turn to when I want a fix.

Fine issue, and I heartily look forward to next month.

Rating: 8/10

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