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Somebody’s First Comic Book: Araña #6

Wondering what Somebody’s First Comic Book is all about? The explanation is on this page!

TITLE: The Heart of the Spider Part Six

Writer: Fiona Avery
Penciller: Roger Cruz
Victor Olazaba
Rus Wooton
: Udon’s Jeannie Lee
Jennifer Lee & Mark Paniccia
: Mark Brooks
Marvel Comics/Marvel Next

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: I’ve never heard of this Araña before. There seems to be a spider motif going on here.

IMPRESSIONS: The book, quite helpfully, starts off with a “previously”page that tells us a couple of things. Araña is apparently trying to help someone named “Miguel,” who is evidently bonded to her in such a way that he requires her presence to… well… not die. And now she’s got a super-assassin named Amun chasing her. And somebody else is now trying to kill her for no apparent reason.

Then I turn the page into the story and my understanding pretty much falls apart. The fight scene is simple enough, but there’s not much chance of understanding why she was in the fight in the first place or whether or not Amun is actually a bad guy… or, for that matter, why the guy who’s trying to kill her in the first scene looks so much like Miguel later on that I was trying to figure out why she was trying to hard to help out the bad guy.

I’m not really sure what Araña’s deal is, either. She’s apparently super-strong, but is the armor that pops out of nowhere in the last page normal? Or the fact that she starts talking like she’s in a trance when it’s there? It is, simply put, a very confusing comic book, and the revelation on the last page that evidently her mother had something to do with her very confusing circumstances doesn’t make them any less confusing. The whole thing is just… weird.


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