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Green Arrow (2010 Series) #9

April 1, 2011

Title: Demon Seed

Writer: J.T. Krul
Diogenes Neves
Vicente Cifuentes & Oclair Albert
Ulises Arreola
Rob Leigh
Rodolfo Migliari
Adam Schlagman
DC Comics

With Brightest Day angling towards its conclusion, things in the Star City Forest are about as tense as it gets. Green Arrow, Galahad, and Jason Blood are struggling against Etrigan, the Demon, while the Phantom Stranger watches ominously. Perhaps most surprisingly, the forest itself is fighting back, attacking Etrigan, but his very presence is corrupting the trees, and even more darkness is ready to swarm.

This issue is almost 100 percent action. It’s all about the battle with Etrigan, only briefly flirting with Galahad or the assembled Poison Ivy and Justice Society members waiting on the outskirts of the forest. Even the Galahad storyline takes a back seat in lieu of the fighting, and that’s where this issue is a little weak. While the fight scenes are good, that’s literally all we get, which means we’re waiting at least another issue for any development on the outstanding Galahad mystery. As that’s what’s really driving me back to the book at this point, it’s a little frustrating. The story doesn’t feel like it’s moving fast enough, and whether that’s the fault of its connection to Brightest Day or not, I simply can’t tell. I’ll definitely continue reading the book through the crossover, but once it’s done with it’s going to be a book right on the edge of the drop bubble for me.

The artwork is very good, fortunately. Neves does forest scenes and action well, and he’s really playing on the Robin Hood motif here. This book definitely has the right artist, and honestly, Krul is a good writer. I just don’t know that he’s good enough to keep me here.

Rating: 7/10

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