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Legion of Super-Villains #1

March 27, 2011

Title: When Evil Calls

Writer: Paul Levitz
Francis Portela
Javier Mena
Sal Cipriano
Francis Portela
Brian Cunningham
DC Comics

This issue serves as a nice little supplement to the ongoing Legion of Super-Heroes title, kicking things off with a bang. Takron-Galtos, the prison planet, goes insane when Saturn Queen manipulates her way into a breakout. In the midst of the riot, she grabs her old ally Lightning Lord, several other potential members for a new Legion of Super-Villains, and heads out into space. There we find out her real mission, and it’s a doozy.

This issue feels very much like a prologue. It’s setting up a lot of things for the main title, not the least of which is an army of villains planning to, y’know, blow up a few planets. And knowing what their endgame is, we definitely see how all of this can tie into everything Paul Levitz has done since the Legion relaunched last year. The pieces fit together very neatly. Levitz is also developing the characters in the LSV much more than they’ve been in the past. Saturn Queen has always been kind of a stereotypical villainess, Lightning Lord just “Lightning Lad’s evil brother.” They aren’t getting any major depth here, they’re not turning into Magneto or anything, but we do get to see her revel a little bit in her nastiness, we see him bristle at having to take orders from her… friction is remarkably effective at establishing who any given set of characters really is.

Francis Portela steps up with the artwork and gives us a really strong one-shot. The future timeline of the Legion is always a challenge for artists, and he gives us a tableau that feels futuristic, but still has a little variety – the stark, bleak landscape of Takron-Galtos vs. the clean, geometric lines of Colu being a perfect example.

Great one-shot that fits perfectly into the storyline.

Rating: 8/10

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