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Somebody’s First Comic Book: Power Pack (1984 Series) #47

Wondering what Somebody’s First Comic Book is all about? The explanation is on this page!

TITLE: Elsewhere

Writer/Artist: Jon Bogdanove
Hilary Barta
Joe Rosen
Glynis Oliver
: Carl Potts
Marvel Comics

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: I’ve never heard of this before. The cover is… a flying kid holding a cartoon character and flying away from dinosaurs? Who are… biting her rainbow? Apparently, this is a comic book for and by people on a bad acid trip.

IMPRESSIONS: Oh – no, it’s a kids comic. Seems like our heroine, little 5 ½-year-old Katie Power (information helpfully given to me on the first page) and her sister and brothers are young superheroes, but their parents don’t know about this. Also, they’ve (evidently) recently switched powers somehow, which makes her older brother suggest they should also trade costumes so that everybody is wearing the right get-up. His reasoning is that because the costume changes along with them when they use their powers, clearly, they’ll also grow or shrink to size. Yeah, I see the logic there… But alas, it doesn’t work, and it didn’t occur to the oldest child that he would now be wearing the costume of his smallest, younger sibling.

Katie points out that their costumes magically go “elsewhere” whenever they shout “Costume On!” and that maybe whoever it is that launders and mends them while they’re there may be able to help. She reaches into her pocket (no, seriously) and falls into a portal that takes her “Elsewhere” and also turns the page sideways. From there, the book is all about Katie trying to find a way home.

This is actually a cute little book. The writer seems to have drawn inspiration from dozens of classic books for kids (there are shades of The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland here) and mixed them together with in-jokes about really old newspaper comic strip characters. I don’t really like the sideways pages we get while Katie is in “Elsewhere” (which is most of the book). Turning the comic sideways makes me feel like a centerfold is about to fall out, and a few of the pages where the orientation gets even weirder are really difficult to read.

But the story is cute and the writer tells me absolutely everything I could possibly need to know to understand it right in the first few pages. Plus, it’s a nice explanation for all those superheroes who pull off their quick changes without the help of a phone booth or bat pole. I think it’s something kids would probably like a lot.


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