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Star Wars: Legacy #20

March 7, 2008

Star Wars: Legacy #20 (Dark Horse Comics)
By John Ostrander, Omar Francia & Douglas Wheatley

The tale of Cade Skywalker is set aside temporarily in this new story arc, “Indomitable,” which features the final desperate remnant of the Galactic Alliance continuing to flee the Sith-controlled Empire. As they lick their wounds at the space station-ring of the planet Mon Calamari, Darth Azard plots his next move. Considering the high energy of the last story arc, this one feels a little slow by comparison. The stuff we have here isn’t bad, but the political stuff does drag a little bit, and most of the action is implied or done away with in a quick flashback. It reminds me a bit of the Prequel movies in that respect — people don’t come to Star Wars looking for a political story. We want thrilling heroics. I can handle a little talking heads, but if we don’t get back to Cade and company soon, this book may get frustrating.
Rating: 7/10

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