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George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards: The Hard Call #1

April 11, 2008

George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards: The Hard Call #1 (Dabel Brothers Publishing)
By Daniel Abraham & Eric Battle

I first discovered the Wild Cards series of novels a few years ago and quickly became a fan. It’s an amazing superhero universe with a unique concept — superheroes and mutations alike caused by an alien virus, and how the world has evolved in the 50 years since the virus first struck. This is the second time they’ve brought this universe into comics (there was an Epic miniseries from Marvel in the late 80s), and unlike many of the Dabel Brother‘s novel-to-comic projects, this is an original story. “The Sleeper,” an Ace whose power occasionally sends him into hibernation only to wake up with a different ability each time, comes out of his slumber and seeks out his girlfriend, a nurse at a clinic for those impacted by the Wild Card virus. Meanwhile, a high school science fair turns into tragedy when a new outbreak of the virus cuts loose. There are two distinct storylines here, but even though there’s no obvious connectivity it’d be hard to imagine they won’t be brought together before our six issues are up. It’s nice to see some new characters here, as well as the return of one of the most interesting characters from the novels. If you’ve never read any Wild Cards before, this book will get you right into the story right away. Definitely worth reading.
Rating: 8/10

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