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Atomic Robo and the Dogs of War #3

October 18, 2008

Atomic Robo: Dogs of War #3 (Red 5 Comics)
By Brian Clevinger, Scott Wegener & Lauren Pettapiece

Atomic Robo and Lt. Everett board a train deep into Croatia to hunt down the remaining Laufpanzer walking tanks that are planning to disrupt the Allied advance into Europe. As the two of them tear through a train full of Nazis, a new and unexpected enemy pops up to give Robo a run for his money. There’s plenty of action this month, and the creative team here delivers completely. This is fun, exciting, and energizing comics the way they were meant to be told. The back-up story this month is by Clevinger and Lauren Pettapiece. It’s a cute story about what constitutes a vacation for Jenkins, and it’s really funny. I forget who it was who first told me I should check out this title, but I really owe them a big thank-you. I’ve enjoyed every page.
Rating: 8/10

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