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The Collected Dork Tower Vol. 3: Heart of Dorkness

July 9, 2005

Story and Art: John Kovalic
Publisher: Dork Storm Press

John Kovalic’s “Dork Tower” series, since I discovered it a few years ago, has been one of the best treats I’ve enjoyed as a comic book reader. It’s the story of Matt, Igor, Ken and Carson — four average gaming geeks (average except that Carson happens to be a muskrat) who walk a balance between existing in the real world and escaping to a game world.

This volume, third in the series, offers some of the best plot advancement yet. For some time now Kovalic has danced around the fact that Matt and Gilly the Perky Goth would be kindred spirits if they ever actually met. In this book, he finally gives us that meeting — with a monkeywrench thrown in. Matt meets Gilly, all right… right after he gets back together with his game-hating, geek-intolerant ex-girlfriend.

“Dork Tower” is one of the few series that really makes you feel for the characters without ever resorting to sappy moments or losing the fact that it’s a comedy first. We want Matt and Gilly to get together, but the obstacles in their way are so funny we don’t want them to stop. Every page of this book is packed with laughs. I can’t imagine anyone not loving this book. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — if Charles Schulz had played “Dungeons and Dragons,” the result would have been “Dork Tower.”

Rating: 8/10

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