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Nova (2007 Series) #2

May 6, 2007

Quick Rating: Very Good
Title: Alienation (An Initiative tie-in)
Rating: T+

Richard Rider returns home to find a very different world than the one he left.

Writer: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Pencils: Sean Chen
Inks: Scott Hanna
Colors: Guru eFX
Letters: Cory Petit
Editor: Bill Rosemann
Cover Art: Adi Granov
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Here’s a novelty for you, friends – an Initiative tie-in issue that actually has something to do with The Initiative. Hoping a little R&R on Earth will help him recover from the stress of the Annihilation War, Nova returns home… only to find that his friends have been killed and the world’s superheroes have been torn apart by a Civil War.

Abnett and Lanning do quite a good job tying together Marvel’s two recent events here. Nova has come home intending to warn Earth’s heroes about the Annihilation Wave, only to learn that things on Earth are just as bad. The reunion with one of his few remaining friends is great, and his interaction with his family is handled wonderfully. And although Marvel seems to have gone out of their way to turn most of their audience into Iron Man haters, the logic behind the proposal he makes to Rich this issue is perfectly sound. (That’s right, guys – those gearing up for an Iron Man/Nova fight based on the cover will be somewhat disappointed.)

The artwork by Sean Chen and Scott Hanna is really good too. I’m still not a huge fan of Nova’s new costume – the spikes and weird helmet shape make it a little too busy in my opinion – but they draw it very well, and everything else looks great too.

The original Nova series was before my time. I tried both attempts at giving him his own ongoing in the 90s, and quickly dropped both. I think I’m safe in saying, just two issues in, this is probably the best solo title Nova has ever had. In fact, at present, I’d say it’s one of the best books Marvel is publishing.

Rating: 8/10

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