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Archie #528

July 30, 2008

Quick Rating: Good
Title: The Mud Flap and other stories

Archie’s latest plan to woo Veronica may make a mess of things.

Writers: Craig Boldman, Mike Pellowski & Greg Crosby
Pencils: Stan Goldberg
Inks: Bob Smith
Colors: Barry Grossman
Letters: Bill Yoshida
Editor: Victor Gorelick
Cover Art: Stan Goldberg
Publisher: Archie Comics

This is as typical an issue of Archie as you could hope to find – several funny stories that fit perfectly in the universe of the characters without any real lasting importance or significance.

“The Mud Flap,” for instance, shows us Archie getting turned down for the big Riverdale Gala by Veronica. He hatches a scheme to show her how highbrow he can be – he’ll get a cheap sport coat, lay it out over a mud patch all gallant, and he’s in! Right? Of course, even with Jughead’s help, Archie can find a way to screw things up.

“Mr. Nice Guy” features an Archie having an especially bad day – and being plagued by an ever-present “Have a Nice Day!” sign all along. In “Same Old Same Old,” Archie gets engrossed in a book and manages to miss out on some of the most incredible happenings in the history of Riverdale. This is the closest thing to an experimental story in the issue – the first few pages are largely dialogue-free, depending on the artwork to tell the story. The second half goes for tamer visuals but lots of verbal humor. Overall, this is probably the funniest story in the issue.

“Double Trouble” takes us out with one of the more highbrow concepts in the issue. As Archie and Mr. Lodge ponder the ramifications of human cloning (no, seriously), ol’ Hiram begins to imagine a world full of Archies. The results, as you can imagine, are horrifying.

This is a simple, fun issue. Nothing big, nothing flashy, nothing Earth-shattering. Just fun.

Rating: 7/10

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