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Someboy’s First Comic Book: Full Frontal Nerdity Annual #1

Wondering what Somebody’s First Comic Book is all about? The explanation is on this page!

Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams
Dork Storm/Henchman Publishing

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: Never heard of it, but based entirely on the cover, I’m thinkin’ this is a comic for and/or about nerds.

IMPRESSIONS: Interesting… this doesn’t seem to be an ordinary comic book. You read it sideways and you get what appears to be a bunch of newspaper-style comic strips, all about three guys playing games. Most of the stuff seems to be a sort of Dungeons and Dragons pastiche, although occasionally they lapse into other gimmicks like miniatures, toys, and jokes about Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter… there’s even a gag in here about the Janet Jackson Super Bowl fiasco, although since this book was probably released right after that happened, I won’t take points off for timeliness.

The writing is really sharp. Although the characters are, of course, geeks, Aaron Williams does try to make them all real people as well. Frank, Nelson, and Lewis are all distinctive personalities, different from one another, while still having the sort of core social awkwardness that seems to fit this setting very well. The jokes are funny without feeling like they’re exploitive or at the expense of the audience, which I imagine is largely made up of people very similar to our three “nerds.” Williams also supplies all the artwork for this book, and his style is good. The characters are simple and cartoony enough to be suitable for an animated series, while the toys and props are a bit more detailed, probably to satisfy the more meticulous members of the audience.

This was a fun little book. I’d read more of these.


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