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Betty #189

March 17, 2011

Title: What’s Old is New Again (New Kids Off the Wall Part 5)

Writer: Alex Simmons
Dan Parent
Rich Koslowski
Digikore Studios
Jack Morelli
Rex W. Lindsey
Victor Gorelick
Archie Comics

The integration of new students into Riverdale High continues this issue, and this time it’s Betty who’s trying to find a way to compete. One of the new girls, Chloe, seems to be outdoing Betty at everything she’s good at. To try to compete, Betty convinces another of the new kids, Sayid, to help her meet up with the rest of the incoming students, hoping to earn her reporting stripes.

This issue is okay, but not great. The burgeoning Sayid relationship is actually well done, but that’s sort of what causes the problem. He’s not a bad character, and Alex Simmons is doing an admirable job of making him seem like a guy Betty would genuinely develop a romantic interest in. But they very fact that they’ve taken that path with the character limits him severely, because we know that it can’t last. Aside from “possible” futures like we’re getting in Life With Archie, we know the Betty/Archie/Veronica love triangle is eternal, and any time an angle is added or cut off it’s only temporary. The result is that the character is already doomed – he’ll either eventually go away or he’ll have to lose the thing that makes him interesting in order to stay in the spotlight in Riverdale.

Dan Parent and Rich Koslowski always do solid artwork, and this issue is no different. They’ve mastered the Archie style, and while neither of them are breaking any new ground, they’re both doing top-notch work in the realm of what they do.

I’ve liked the new characters. I just hope that some of them, Sayid included, find some say to stick around.

Rating: 7/10

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