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Justice League: Generation Lost #21

March 16, 2011

Title: The Dark of Morning’s Light

Writer: Judd Winick
Fernando Dagnino
Raul Fernandez
Steve Wands
Dustin Ngyuen
Rex Ogle & Brian Cunningham
DC Comics

Jaime Reyes, the Blue Beetle, lies dead on a slab. As Booster Gold mourns the young hero – the second Blue Beetle to fall in recent memory, the rest of the team tries to pull it all together.

This issue the title went from solid to fantastic. Aside from a few very powerful scenes of Booster by Jaime’s side, we see the rest of the team struggling with recent events as well. Captain Atom, the man who the world believes is responsible for Magog’s death and the deaths of over 1000 people in a blast in Chicago, sits brooding over the course his life has taken, and Ice has to try to snap him out of it. Of particular surprise, Fire and Rocket Red share a tender moment that shakes things up in a very unexpected but surprisingly welcome fashion. This all rolls into a final sequence where one of our heroes faces a destiny that, in hindsight, has been coming since this series started, and one hell of a last issue that – I admit it – made me cheer.

Fernando Dagnino gives us good interior art – he tells the story and he backs raw feeling into the characters. Gavril, half-in and half-out of his armor, looks a little weird, but that’s not a really big problem. And the cover, by Dustin Nguyen, is the sort of thing that grabs you from the comic book shelf and demands you open the issue and read on.

In the past, Judd Winick’s superhero comics have had a tendency to peter out at the end. This book not only isn’t falling victim to that, it’s ramping up. It’s getting better. If the final three issues of this title live up to the last few, when it’s over Generation Lost may well stand as the greatest mainstream work the creator has ever done.

Rating: 9/10

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