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Superman/Batman #34

April 20, 2007
Superman/Batman #34 (DC Comics)
By Mark Verheiden & Pat Lee

The Metal Men are back, and the break-in at a Waynetech Research Facility sends them crossing paths with the World’s Finest. The Metal Men are one of those favorite B-list properties that haven’t had a chance to shine in the last few years, but with the word that there’s a movie in the works, that’s due to change. I really like Pat Lee‘s redesign of the characters, and the introduction of a new Metal Man (technically, a second Metal Woman) in Copper works fairly organically. The two big problems I have with this issue are — first, Lee‘s art. This is as true today as it was when he was doing TransFormers. He does great robots, but his humans just don’t look very good at all. Second, I know this title is only loosely anchored in continuity at best, but I really don’t care for the idea of reintroducing the Metal Men here as if they were brand new characters. They may be B-list, but they’ve been around for decades and have a lot of history with our two leads. Giving them a reboot just as they’re being used wonderfully in 52 and gearing up for a movie? It just doesn’t seem necessary to me.
Rating: 6/10

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