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Blood of the Demon #1

March 5, 2005

Quick Rating: Very Good
Title: Born Again

There’s a new life out there for Jason Blood – or is there?

Plot: John Byrne
Script: Will Pfeifer
Pencils: John Byrne
Inks: Nekros
Colors: Alex Bleyaert
Letters: Rob Leigh
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Cover Art: John Byrne
Publisher: DC Comics

It seems like, every so often, someone feels the need to revamp Jack Kirby’s Demon, and apparently, that time has come again. This time it’s in the hands of John Byrne and Will Pfeifer (whom I’m very happy to see writing again after the sad cancellation of H-E-R-O).

The book opens up with a surprisingly gruesome torture sequence. Jason Blood has been captured by a mysterious sect seeking information on the demon Etrigan, and they’re literally flaying the skin from his bones. (No code approval on this one, kiddies.) The way out of the interrogation causes a very fundamental change for Jason, and it’s unclear whether or not it will quite be permanent or whether it’s changed again by the end of the issue.

If it is a permanent change, it’s both intriguing and a bit off-putting at the same time. It could be a drastically different direction to take the character, and a very interesting change. On the other hand, if mishandled it could feel like nothing more than an attempt to turn Jason into DC’s answer to Blade.

This is probably Byrne’s strongest showing as a writer in the last few years — helped, no doubt, by Pfeifer’s script. I’ve never thought his pencils lost any of their flair, though, and his teaming with Nekros on inks makes for a really appealing visual package. There are much gorier scenes in this book than you usually expect out of Byrne, but it works well. He also does a solid job with the action, and Alex Bleyaert’s color work goes a long way towards making this book consistent and appealing.

I wasn’t really planning on picking this book up, but the first issue has me intrigued. I have to admit, though, I’m concerned. Byrne is taking over the pencils on Action Comics soon, and as far as I know, Doom Patrol hasn’t been canceled – can he really handle three monthly titles without a drop in quality?

Rating: 8/10

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