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Jonah Hex #61

February 26, 2011

Title: Honeymoon Bullets

Writer: Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
Jordi Bernet
Rob Schwager
Rob Leigh
Jordi Bernet
Will Moss
DC Comics

On his Honeymoon with Mei Ling, Hex runs afoul of a group of drunks who cast some unkind words in the direction of his bride. Fortunately, she doesn’t really need his help to take care of herself. No, you didn’t miss an issue. The nature of this title – short, usually one-in-one stories – allows Gray and Palmiotti to leap around the timeline of Jonah Hex’s life pretty much at will, and there was a time in the original series when he was married. Consider this a “lost tale.” Mei Ling is a fun character – she’s a small bright spot in Hex’s overwhelmingly gloomy and depressing life, and that makes for a nice contrast for the character. Oh, how I wish they’d put her in the movie instead of Megan Fox’s painful Tallulah Black impersonation. The interaction between Hex and Mei is nice too – you can tell that she actually changes him a little bit, bringing his spirits higher, making him happier. Shame it can’t last, of course. Jordi Bernet, as always, has the perfect style for this book – dynamic, full of action, and old school to boot. This is one of those books that is just incredibly entertaining month in and month out – even if only a small number of readers know about it.

Rating: 8/10

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