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Charismagic #0

March 1, 2011

Title: The Void

Writer: Vince Hernandez
Khary Randolph
Emilio Lopez
Josh Reed
Khary Randolph
Frank Mastromauro
Aspen Entertainment

I very much respect Aspen Entertainment. They’re a company that’s not willing to reach out and try new genres and new ideas, and they put some really solid talent on the books. That said, the zero issue of Charismagic is only okay. We get a fairly standard fantasy story about an evil wizard that rolls over into the present-day, where a woman is planning to take a stand against his inevitable return, but she’s going to need a little help. This is actually a pretty good kick-off for the story, but feels very incomplete. Okay, it is incomplete, but it’s incomplete in a way that isn’t terribly satisfying. This experience should make me eager to go out and get the next issue, and it doesn’t quite do that, despite a good script and great artwork. At most, it’s got me curious. I wanted a little bit more than that. That said, I like the overall concept and I want to find some new stories to read badly enough to give this book a little time to grow, so I’ll probably get the first couple of issues. But to keep me around, I’m going to need more meat to the tale, and quickly.

Rating: 6/10

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