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Wonder Girl (2007 Series) #1

September 18, 2007

Wonder Girl #1 (DC Comics)
By J. Torres & Sanford Greene

this looks to be one of those miniseries whose true worth won’t be evident until it ends. J. Torres picks up on the recent threads from Wonder Woman, Amazons Attack and Teen Titans to paint a portrait of where Wonder Girl currently stands in her life. It’s not a pleasant place. She’s in hiding because of backlash against her for siding with the Amazons during the war, she finds herself playing exterminator to a slew of mythological beasts that have been unleashed in the U.S., and to top it off, she can’t seem to wrap her mind around her feelings for Robin, her dead boyfriend’s best friend. This issue is really all set-up — it works pretty well to establish Wonder Girl’s current status quo, but doesn’t progress her very much. Now there are five issues to go, of course, so that’s excusable. What wouldn’t be excusable is if they go five more issues and, by the end, Wonder Girl hasn’t changed at all. Torrres is a strong storyteller, and if he’s allowed to make a real, lasting mark on Cassie, this could be a great story. If, by the end, nothing is different, what was the point? Either way, it’ll be a few issues before we can really tell if this miniseries was worth it.
Rating: 7/10

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