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Hawkeye (2003 Series) #8

June 11, 2004

Quick Rating: Good
Title: Caviar Daze (A Little Murder Part Two)

Hawkeye wants to save the world from a chemical arsenal… but he’ll have to go through the Black Widow to do it.

Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Pencils: Joe Bennett
Inks: Sandu Florea
Colors: Tang Animation and Coloring
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Cover Art: Salvador Larroca
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Well, it wasn’t a bad run, but with this issue Hawkeye’s latest effort at a solo series rides off into the sunset. It’s shame, because the first story arc wasn’t that bad and this one was rather good, but Marvel just doesn’t seem to have the patience to allow a title to build up an audience anymore.

Tracing a clue he got last issue, Hawkeye tracks down the killer of a Russian immigrant, then follows even more clues to the Soviet Union, where he finds the simple grocer he’s out to avenge may not be so innocent himself. A stockpile of nasty weapons awaits him, and what’s more, so does his old flame, the Black Widow.

Nicieza choice of superweapon is eerily prescient, considering recent real-world events, but his villain is a rather clichéd man-machine gun-toting hybrid. Still, this book should be the Marvel Universe equivalent of an action movie, and taken on that level it delivers. It’s got everything you need – elaborate set pieces, lots of gunplay, stuff blowing up, a hot woman in black leather and a good bit of sexual tension. Is it brilliant comic book storytelling? No. But it’s fun, and that’s what Nicieza was going for, after all.

Joe Bennett’s artwork on this story arc is a far cry better than the artist for the first six issues. He has a good handle on Hawkeye – even a scene where an injury forces him to shoot his arrows one-handed – and his Black Widow looks particularly good – sensual, but athletic instead of comically over-endowed. His faces tend to look alike, however, even the men and women, and he needs to work on distinguishing characters from one another.

It wasn’t a great one, not one that will go down in the history of Marvel Comics, or even really in the history of Hawkeye, but it was a decent run, and one that deserved a better shot. I suppose all we fans of Clint Barton can do now is hope Nicieza gets another shot at him in a revived Thunderbolts title.

Rating: 7/10

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