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World of Archie #22

June 30, 2008

Quick Rating: Fair
Title: So How Was Your Vacation?

The world’s most famous monsters can ruin a vacation.

Writers: Bob Bolling & Hal Lifson
Art: Rex Lindsey
Colors: Rex Lindsey
Letters: Bill Yoshida
Editor: Victor Gorelick
Cover Art: Rex Lindsey
Publisher: Archie Comics

The World of Archie series (which, of course, began as one of dozens of subseries in the Archie Giant Series before its demise) was a place to tell more adventure-oriented stories with Archie and the gang. Take this issue, for instance: in the chill of winter, Veronica offers to bring Betty along on a research expedition in a place called “Bigfoot Bay.” A typical Archie accident winds up with him unconscious in their “Berg Buster” vehicle when the girls depart, and before long the three of them and Mr. Lodge are stranded I a horrible storm. Archie takes the Berg Buster out looking for help, and winds up running into the guy the bay was named after.

In the second half of the story, the gang winds up running into a giant squid, which was the sort of thing that happened in this title. Honestly, the action here didn’t really work that well. Bob Bolling did some legendary, exciting stories in the Little Archie series, but his style didn’t come across as well with the teen versions of the gang.

In the back-up feature, “Love and Learn,” Veronica’s appearance on a talk show makes Archie realize that he could stand to be a bit more romantic. This is a much more conventional Archie story, with a nice little twist in which Veronica doesn’t really get what she wants – which is what makes it funny.

Some of the older World of Archie stories were a lot of fun, but this was just bland. This was the last issue of the ongoing series, and really, it’s no wonder why.

Rating: 6/10

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