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DC Comics Presents: Chase #1

February 26, 2011

Writers: D. Curtis Johnson & JH Williams III
JH Williams III
Mick Gray
Lee Loughridge
Comicraft & Clem Robins
JH Williams III & Mick Gray
Eddie Berganza
DC Comics

The line of DC Comics Presents specials helps accomplish several goals. It gives us inexpensive reprints of stories relevant to current DCU stories, it gives us inexpensive reprints of old storylines or graphic novels that aren’t available anymore, and it gives us books like this one: a chance to read some great comics that most of us missed the first time around.

Chase was a short-lived series about a woman who worked for the Department of Extranormal Operations, the DC Universe’s federal agency tasked with the job of policing superpowered individuals. The book only ran for ten issues, one of which was a crossover with the DC One Million story, but in that time we’ve gotten a lot of elements that have become DCU mainstays, including the DEO itself and the legend of some heroes who existed “between” ages of the DCU. Chase, a woman who has a secret of her own, is the daughter of one of these in-between heroes, and has something of an antipathy for the superheroes of her world.

This issue reprints the first issue of her series, then jumps ahead and grabs a three-part Batman story from issues 6-8. I understand why – including the Batman story will probably help give the sales a minor bump, but I rather wish we’d just gotten issues 1-4. The stories, characters, and ideas presented in this series are fantastic, the sort of thing that works only in a superhero universe, but sadly, doesn’t get enough respect from a lot of superhero fans. I’d say that the time is right for Chase to make a comeback, but honestly, I don’t know if modern audiences would embrace the character as she deserves either. Still, if you’re looking for a gem of a title you’ve probably never read, grabbing this 100-page spectacular is a good place to start.

Rating: 9/10

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