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Cable and Deadpool #39

April 16, 2007

Quick Rating: Good
Title: Mistaken Identities
Rating: T+

Deadpool versus T-Ray – and maybe even a little Cable!

Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Pencils: Ron Lim
Inks: Jeremy Freeman
Colors: Gotham with Sotocolor
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Nicole Boose
Cover Art: Skottie Young
Publisher: Marvel Comics

In a definite step up from last issue, Deadpool finds himself chasing down… himself. Now that he’s a sort-of agent of his sort-of counterpart, Alex “Agent X” Hayden, two of Hayden’s eager young associates have been captured by his other sort-of counterpart, T-Ray. To be perfectly honest, I still can’t make heads or tails of how these three relate to each other, but it doesn’t really matter – all you need to know is that they all basically think they’re the same guy, which is a source of both conflict and comedy.

Most of the issue is taken up with Deadpool’s hunt for and subsequent battle with T-Ray, and it works pretty well. Nicieza has really ratcheted up the comedy this issue, including stretching the fourth-wall breaking almost to the limits. Also, for the first time in several issues, we touch on the other co-star as well. Cable doesn’t exactly make an appearance, but we catch up with where he’s been lately, and Nicieza seems to be setting up a crossover of sorts with the current storyline Cable is involved in over in X-Men.

Ron Lim is our penciler of note this issue, and that’s always worth at least two dollars of the cover price. He’s a great artist, one of the last guys doing really strong, classic styles with superhero comics, and although I usually associate him with more cosmic characters, he does a great job with the action stories as well.

This is a fun issue, more or less. Again, the relationships between the three characters are slightly confusing, but that’s more a fault of the basic continuity than the characters themselves, and it’s easy enough to get past that and just enjoy the ride.

Rating: 7/10

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