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Star Trek: Infestation #1

February 20, 2011

Writer: Scott Tipton & David Tipton
Gary Erskine
Luis Antonio Delgado
Chris Mowry
John K. Snyder III & Jason Wright
Tom Waltz
IDW Publishing

We join second of four universes invaded by the creatures of Zombies Vs. Robots in this issue. Set in that little-explored time between the first and second original series Star Trek movies, Admiral Kirk is travelling with Spock and McCoy to a colony world where McCoy is being honored for curing a deadly disease. After the Enterprise drops them off and heads away on a supply run, Kirk and company discover that a much deadlier disease has gripped the planet – a plague of the living dead. Unlike the TransFormers chapter of this crossover, the Tiptons don’t actually spend any time this issue discussing the backstory of the plague. There’s no reference to the CVO or alternate dimensions at all. If you were to pick this issue up independently of the other books, you’d just get a classic Star Trek series where they find a planet that’s full of zombies. Which, c’mon, is a cool enough idea by itself, right? The works out, although it does smack a bit of fanfic to see the three greatest icons of the original series facing off against a swarm of the undead. But as I’ve noted elsewhere, most of these “expanded universe” stories have kind of a fanfic flavor to them anyway, so there’s not really any harm in that. It’s weird and incongruous to see Spock shooting a phaser at a zombie, but it’s also a lot of fun for all that. This crossover is working for me.

Rating: 7/10

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