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Groo: The Hogs of Horder #3

February 13, 2010
Groo: The Hogs of Horder #3 (Dark Horse Comics)
By Sergio Aragones & Mark Evanier

The economy of Horder is falling apart due to an influx of cheap goods imported from nearby Khitan. Groo, meanwhile, finds himself bouncing between armies doing what he does best — cause rampant, utter destruction. This issue is an improvement on the first two. While the political allegory is still obvious, the rhetoric is toned down a bit and we’re given more comedy beats, the sort that really only work for a character like Groo. Aragones‘ artwork is full of good visual bits, and the near-universal worry on the faces of the soliders (both those allied with Groo and those opposed to him) sells the legend the character has built up around himself. The last panel, in fact, is one of the funniest comic scenes I’ve seen in a long time. Here’s hoping the last issue of this miniseries keeps the humor up and the preaching down.
Rating: 7/10

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