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Grimm Fairy Tales #17

October 25, 2007
Grimm Fairy Tales #17 (Zenescope)
By Ralph Tedesco, Joe Tyler, Scott Woodward, Al Rio

Once again, the mysterious storyteller named Sela is compelled to intercede in the lives of those around her. When a woman named Patricia begins fearing her daughter is getting too close to her coke-sniffing stepson, she looks for a way to remove him from the picture, but the tale of the Juniper Tree may just cause her to rethink her stance. For Sela, though, something just isn’t right. This book is starting to get kind of frustrating. If it were a simple anthology series about a storyteller with twisted fairy tales, it would be fine. If it were a story with a larger mythology about some sort of battle between opposing witches or something, it would still be fine. But instead, it’s an anthology series that keeps dropping hints that there’s a larger story, but after 17 issues, an annual and a spin-off miniseries, there’s still not enough pieces to begin assembling the puzzle. The artwork this issue is sort of weak too — Patricia, the mother, looks practically the same age as her teenage daughter, and a lot of the anatomy is funky. I do like this series, but Tedesco and Tyler have either got to start giving us meat or stop giving us appetizers. If you’ve got a larger story to tell, gentlemen, it’s time to get to it.
Rating: 6/10

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