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Power Girl (2009 Series) #1

May 9, 2009

Quick Rating: Very Good
Title: A New Beginning

Power Girl flies solo!

Writer: Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
Art: Amanda Conner
Colors: Paul Mounts
Letters: John J. Hill
Editor: Brian Cunningham
Cover Art: Adam Hughes (Cover A); Amanda Conner (Cover B)
Publisher: DC Comics

Few characters have had as tumultuous time out of DC’s recent rash of Crises than Power Girl. She finally uncovered the truth about her origins – that she was, in fact, Kara Zor-El of Earth-2. She finally got back home to Earth-2 only to find that yet another version of Kara had replaced her there. Oh, and sometime in the interim, she became the leader of the Justice Society of America. Now, having finally established the identity of Power Girl, our heroine decides it’s time to go back and reestablish her civilian identity, Karen Starr. It’s hard to get a philanthropic research organization off the ground, however, when you’ve got to drop everything and save Manhattan Island from an invasion of gigantic homicidal robots.

This first issue really lays out the challenge of this series very well. Between Infinite Crisis and Justice Society of America, Power Girl as a hero has finally been firmly established in the DC Universe as the top-level heroine that she should be. But right now, she only exists as a superheroine. It’s up to Palmiotti and Gray to tell us who Karen Starr, the woman behind the spandex, really is. This issue sets up a lot of stuff, but before we get too deep, the action begins.

There’s a lot of really great action, and Amanda Conner was born to draw this comic book. Her Power Girl looks fantastic, and Paul Mounts colors compliment the line art flawlessly. The fight scenes are bold and dynamic, and the design of the evil invaders is great – freaky and unearthly. Everything bubbles up to a really solid cliffhanger.

My only real problem with the issue is that there isn’t quite enough of the character stuff. Sure, this is the first issue and we want to start with a bang. It’s exciting, and it’s fun, and those are two things Power Girl needs to have in high quantities. I still feel like we needed a bit more of a foundation, though. Hopefully, future issues will address this – it really does seem like the writers have it thought out and have planned the personal life stuff. We just didn’t get enough of it here.

Still, though, for what we get it’s a really fun, exciting first issue. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a nice, long run. Power Girl deserves no less.

Rating: 8/10

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