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Justice League: Generation Lost #19

February 20, 2011

Title: And the Lord Taketh Away

Writer: Judd Winick
Fernando Dagnino
Raul Fernandez
Steve Wands
Dustin Nguyen
Brian Cunningham & Rex Ogle
DC Comics

Maxwell Lord has the Blue Beetle in his clutches. Power Girl has broken free from Max’s hold, but she races off to try to wake up the rest of the DCU’s heroes, and the Justice League International races to save one of their own… but, if the cover isn’t too much of a spoiler, they may be too late.

Okay, screw the spoiler warning. DC’s been “hinting” about this for a few months now, and this issue seems to end with Maxwell Lord killing the Blue Beetle – for the second time – with a bullet to the head. And I’ve got to be frank with you guys… I’m not buying it. I just can’t imagine that DC editorial would allow a writer kill off a second Beetle the same way so callously. I can’t imagine that they’d kill off a character that they’ve been giving such a big push in other media. And there hasn’t been even the slightest reaction to the death since the issue came out. Even Kyle Rayner’s “death” during Blackest Night got a few interviews online, and he was back in the next issue. With five issues left in this series, I’m just not banking on Jaime Reyes being dead at the end of it.

Okay, with that out of my system, the issue was really great. Watching the JLI acting like real heroes, true heroes, is everything you want out of this series.  Winick has taken the old group, mixed in a few new members that truly belong, and given us one of the most solid superhero comics being published right now. It’s a shame that this story is so close to the end, and I really hope that DC has plans in motion to keep these characters together after the end of Brightest Day.

Rating: 8/10

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