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Kinetic #1

March 20, 2004

Quick Rating: Fair
Title: Superzero

Sickly… shunned… could Tom Morell’s life get any worse?

Writer: Kelley Puckett
Art: Warren Pleece
Colors: Brian Haberlin
Letters: Rob Leigh
Editor: Matt Idelson
Cover Art: Tomer Hakuna
Publisher: DC Focus

Review: The second comic in the new DC Focus line is a bit less focused (no pun intended) than the first. In the premiere issue of Hard Time we met our characters, had the situation set up and got our first taste of what otherworldly elements the book would contain. This book does the first two, but doesn’t reach the third.

Tom Morell suffers from over a dozen major diseases. He needs a regular regimen of medication and injections, his right arm is essentially dead, and his mother spends all her time doting on him, babying him, and making him feel like even more of an outcast than he already does. This first issue seems to be a pretty typical day in his life, with his mother nagging him about his health, dealing with cruel schoolmates, until he meets the new girl in school who hasn’t prejudged him yet.

Even with that brief bright spot, his day gets worse and worse until we reach a major cliffhanger ending. Tom’s only escape, it seems is a superhero comic called Kinetic, but we never get a sense of why he reads it or what it’s about.

Warren Pleece employs a style very similar to the style used in Hard Time, and colorist Brian Haberlin uses the same color palette, making it look very similar. While the attempt is clearly to give the DC Focus books a unified feel and tone, it may be unifying them a bit too much, taking away any distinction they may have in favor of a house style.

This issue is 100 percent set-up with no payoff at all. Kelley Puckett creates a tortured, interesting and sympathetic character, but there’s no way of knowing where this book is headed, and that’s a feel you should have by the end of the first issue. Hopefully the story will take off in issue two and the title can begin to find its feet – and its audience.

Rating: 6/10

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