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Cemetery Blues #2

March 15, 2008
Cemetery Blues #2 (Image Comics/Shadowline)
By Ryan Rubio & Thomas Boatwright

As Throckmorton and Falstaff lead the a team of hunters into the woods, their companions begin to doubt the truthfullness of their claims. Of course, then the actual monster shows up, it’s a different story. This is a really unique comic book — while last issue was more of a comedy with monster movie elements, this issue Rubio and Boatwright turn the formula around, emphasizing more of the horror side of the story. The humor is still there, but is no longer the focus. In both issues, though, there was a near-perfect balance of the two. This has the feel of an old EC Comic, but more detailed, with more room to really develop the characters and the world of the story. I’ve been highly impressed with Cemetery Blues.
Rating: 8/10

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