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Ender’s Game: Battle School #1

EOctober 11, 2008

Ender’s Game: Battle School #1 (Marvel Comics)
By Orson Scott Card, Christopher Yost & Pasqual Ferry

After a few comics by Orson Scott Card and a few adaptations of his lesser-known works, Marvel is stepping up to the plate to adapt the best-known title in his vast stable: Ender’s Game. This first issue features young Andrew Wiggin, a six-year-old boy in a future where the human race is desperately searching for a prodigy to train to be the super-general that will save them from the second invasion of an alien race that nearly destroyed the world the first time. Andrew is forced to defend himself from both his schoolmates and his brother — nothing compared to the Formics — and the way he does so marks him for inclusion in the fabled Battle School. This is one of my favorite novels ever written, and Yost and Ferry do a pretty good job of adapting it. They capture Ender’s character well, and the artwork is fantastic. I’m really anxious to see what will happen when the title actually makes it to outer space. So far so good — I just hope the companion Ender’s Shadow series has the same level of quality.
Rating: 8/10

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