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Shrugged #8

January 10, 2009
Shrugged #8 (Aspen Comics)
By Michael Turner, Frank Mastromauro & Michah Gunnell

The conclusion of Shrugged has been a long time in coming, although I don’t think anyone can quite blame Aspen in this case. Fortunately, this is a conclusion that really is worth it. As the “angels” and “demons” of Perspecta have suddenly become visible to everyone on Earth, Theo and his friends find themselves in a battle for the very survival of the two worlds. Dev and Ange face off against Ember, and there’s lots of pretty pictures, things blowing up, and heroic coolness. I’ve really enjoyed this series for the very beginning, and the conclusion is exactly what I hoped for. It’s not great literature, but it is a really original idea with a really fun, action-packed ending, with great art to boot. And at a time when certain publishers are starting to slap $3.99 price tags on books with just 16 pages of story, it’s worth noting that this book is a beefy 40 pages (of story — that doesn’t count ads) for the usual $2.99. Aspen has most definitely given us our money’s worth. The book ends in a way that’s very satisfying, but still leaves the door open for a possible sequel or spin-offs, and frankly, I’d be fine with that. Apparently an Ember special is coming soon, along with the paperback edition of the entire series. If you haven’t read Shrugged before, this last issue probably wouldn’t be a good purchase, but if you have and you’re wondering if you should come back after the long gap in publication, the answer is yes. And if you never read it at all, just queue up for the paperback. It’ll be worth it.
Rating: 8/10

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