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Ghostbusters: The Other Side #2

November 15, 2008

Ghostbusters: The Other Side #2 (IDW Publishing)
By Keith Champagne, Tom Nguyen & Nick Runge

The Ghostbusters are dead, which totally sucks for them. Last issue, a ghost mobster managed to drive Venkman’s soul of of his body and take it over, and his goons laid a trap for the others, pumping them full of lead and dumping their bodies in the river. This issue, Egon, Ray, and Winston wake up to find themselves in what Egon believes to be Purgatory, a “waiting room” for souls that die prematurely and are awaiting their judgment. As you can imagine, though, the Ghostbusters aren’t exactly popular figures in the land of the dead. As they find themselves targeted by a mob of spirits who want to send them to Oblivion (which is about as much fun as it sounds), their spirits begin to strain and break. I’m really enjoying this miniseries. Champagne does a masterful job with these characters, capturing their roles as developed in the movies and making this new story feel like a natural chapter in their saga. Nguyen‘s artwork, similarly, is good. His Purgatory is an intriguing place visually, and the demonic creatures he includes are a natural for this world. It’s really great to have the Ghostbusters back.
Rating: 9/10

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