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TransFormers: Generation 1 (2004 Series) #2

February 28, 2004

Quick Rating: Good
Title: Black Sunshine

A new TransFormer challenges Starscream’s claim to the Decepticon throne!

Writer: Brad Mick
Pencils: Don Figueroa
Inks: Elaine To
Colors: Espen Grundetjern & Rob Ruffolo
Letters: Ben Lee
Cover Art: Don Figueroa & Elaine To
Publisher: Dreamwave

Although we do get to check in with the Autobots – both in space and on Earth – in this issue, most of issue two of the new Generation One ongoing is concerned with the Decepticons. With Megatron missing and presumed dead, Starscream has reverted to his same old plot of usurping control of the darker TransFormers faction in his absence. Things are thrown for a loop, however, when a new Decepticon arrives on the scene, wielding enough influence to threaten Starscream’s grasp.

I can’t talk too much about this much-hyped new character, other than to say that his very existence has serious implications for the Decepticon hierarchy. The interaction between him and Starscream is well-done, and I’m anxious to see where this storyline is going.

This issue, like most of issues since Brad Mick took the writing reigns of this title, is very dense and loaded with dialogue. Usually I don’t have a problem like that, but in a book like TranFormers, I really would rather have a bit more action than we’ve been served up so far. I’m also somewhat disappointed that, only four (relative) issues since his “transformation,” Ultra Magnus has re-armored into his old form. The new look was great, and I hope it’s not gone for good.

Don Figueroa and Elaine To’s artwork carries no complaints, though. He handles the robots very well and every scene is dealt with powerfully, from a firefight at the beginning to the Autobots holding a vigil over the recuperating Optimus Prime. The color work is also very good in this title, mixing up powerful, vibrant tones with great energy and underwater effects. This book looks almost like some of the best animation you see these days – and in fact, it’s far superior than the new TransFormers cartoons on television.

Mick is still setting up his story in this issue, that much is clear, and hopefully once all the pieces are in place this title will launch into a great roller-coaster ride like the TransFormers should be. It would be a shame if he took to long to get to that point and lost his readership in the process.

Rating: 7/10

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