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Spider-Man and Power Pack #3

January 4, 2007

Quick Rating: Great
Title: Project: Run Away (Fashion Sense Tingling Part 1)
Rating: All Ages

Even with Power Pack’s help, can Spider-Man beat four Venoms?

Writer: Marc Sumerak
Art: Gurihiru
Mini Marvels Art: Chris Giarrusso
Mini Marvels Colors: Jacob Chabot
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Nathan Cosby
Cover Art: Gurihiru
Publisher: Marvel Comics

As a thank-you to Power Pack for helping him beat the Sandman, Spider-Man gives them four tickets for the hottest fashion show in New York, where Mary Jane just happens to be modeling. What neither Spidey nor the kids realizes, though, is that the designer’s got a brand-new fabric he’s trying out… a little souvenir from an encounter with Venom.

As always, Marc Sumerak and Gurihiru have created a comic book that puts together a wonderful, perfectly accessible story that even the youngest comic book fan will easily be able to get into. As I read it, though, it seems more and more like the sort of comic book story that I used to read as a kid in the core Marvel Comics – the heroes interact the same way, the stories shake out the same way… it’s all got the elements I love about superheroes without all the angst and baggage. People bemoaning the loss of simple, fun superhero stories will find exactly what they’re looking for right here.

Following the main story is part three of the “Civil Wards” Mini-Marvels story, with art by Chris Giarrusso. Spidey, still babysitting the infant Power Pack, decides to take them over to Stark Park to have some fun… but in order to play, Iron Man is going to require them to put their signatures on the dotted line. Captain America, meanwhile, has put together his own coalition of heroes opposed to the “establishment” taking over the playground. This story is an absolutely hysterical, spot-on parody of Civil War. In fact, the two-panel exchange between Lil’ Reed and Lil’ Sue this issue is more entertaining than anything else I’ve read connected to this crossover.

This is a wonderful, entertaining issue with a spot-on, side-splitting back-up. I hope these Power Pack miniseries never end.

Rating: 9/10

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