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Robin #124

March 13, 2004

Quick Rating: Great
Title: Good Parenting

Batman lays it on the line for Tim… snap out of his funk, or quit being Robin.

Writer: Bill Willingham
Pencils: Francisco Rodriguez De La Fuente
Inks: Aaron Sowd
Colors: Guy Major
Letters: Nick J. Napolitano
Editor: Michael Wright
Cover Art: Jason Pearson
Publisher: DC Comics

Everything comes to a head this issue – for months DC Comics has teased us with the promise of someone else taking on the Robin identity. Last issue, Tim Drake mistakenly came to believe he killed Johnny Warlock in the heat of battle. This issue Batman tells Tim he must either get past his mistake or give up the mask. And that’s just the first big moment.

Since he took this title over, writer Bill Willingham has been setting up dominos one at a time, and this issue he tips them all over. All of Tim’s relationships are explored, with Batman, Spoiler and his father. It’s impossible to talk about what makes these scenes work without blowing the ending (although astute readers will no doubt see it coming from the first page). Suffice it to say, every plotline comes together beautifully.

I haven’t been a big fan of the artwork in the series lately, but it does take a turn for the better this issue. While several of the close-up scenes still make the faces look off, an early fight sequence is well choreographed and other setups remind me of the work Norm Breyfogle did on the Batman title in the 90s.

Willingham’s first issue of Robin didn’t really grab me, but each successive issue has gotten better and better. This one is flat-out great. He’s barreling towards an event everyone already knows is coming, but he’s doing it in a way that makes the journey the important thing, and in this day and age of internet rumor columnists and plotlines being blown months in advance, that’s the best we can hope for.

Rating: 9/10

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