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Living With the Dead #2

November 16, 2007
Living With the Dead #2 (Dark Horse Comics)
By Mike Richardson, Ben Stenbeck & Richard Corben

What happens when the last two men on Earth find the last living girl? Exactly what you’d think. As Living With the Dead continues, the two slackers called Straw and Whip have encountered a living woman amidst an entire planet of the walking dead. With hormones running high, a rivalry begins to grow, and Betty doesn’t seem to have any compunctions about coming between the two friends. After a mostly lighthearted first issue, this month we take quite a turn towards the dark. There’s still plenty of funny stuff here, but the soap opera aspects really draw out the darkness in the human spirit, which I suppose is what great zombie fiction always aims to do anyway. Not bad.
Rating: 7/10

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