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Opposite Forces #2

October 27, 2005

Quick Rating: Great

Marty and Alexis examine their powers.

Writer: Tom Bancroft
Art: Tom Bancroft
Colors: Josh Ray
Letters: John Trent
Editor: Sean J. Jordan
Cover Art: Tom Bancroft
Publisher: Alias Enterprises/Funny Pages Press

The second full-color issue of Alias’s re-presentation of Opposite Forces is here, and every bit as impressive as the first. Taking up the story just seconds after last issue ended, Alexis is trying to shake off the electric shock she received with Marty and going off to work. That turns out to be a bit harder than she expected, however, when she find herself unable to control her newfound incredible strength – not to mention her new tendency to lift right off from the ground.

Marty, meanwhile, is drifting away on his own, and when he and Alexis come together again, they start to piece together the accident that transferred Captain Dynamo’s powers to them. What neither of them realize is that they may not be the only two who were affected by the jolt.

Bancroft’s comic continues to impress – he fleshes out his characters a good bit in this issue. Marty’s crush on Alexis isn’t quite as blind as it initially appears, and Alexis doesn’t immediately lose her reservations about her neighbor, but at the same time, seems genuinely flattered by some of his attentions. In other words, they both behave more like real people than caricatures.

What’s more, the artwork on this comic is nothing short of fantastic. Alexis feeling flattered, for instance, isn’t borne out by anything in the writing, but rather by the look on her face. Bancroft has a very good, very animated style, and his facial expressions are one of his absolute strongest parts. More than that, though, he knows how to lay out a page and how to tell a story, something a lot of artists these days are rather clueless about.

This comic is pure fun. It’s extremely enjoyable, a blast of joy in a comic market that seems to dwell on the grim far too often, and I for one really hope that Bancroft has plans to bring it back after the initial four-issue miniseries is re-presented.

Rating: 9/10

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