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DC Universe Online Legends #1

February 5, 2011

Title: Legendary

Writer: Marv Wolfman & Tony Bedard
Howard Porter, Livesay, Adriana Melo & Norman Lee
Carrie Strachan
Wes Abbott
Ed Benes & Randy Mayor
Ben Abernathy
DC Comics

I’ve been enjoying the hell out of playing the new DC Universe Online video game, so I didn’t have any problem picking up the first issue of the biweekly maxiseries tying in to the adventure. This first issue, at least, seems to be all prequel. Using the opening movie that starts the game as its basis, we see as a future Lex Luthor finally succeeds in his long-time goal of destroying Superman and his allies. As he does so, though, his ally Brainiac turns on him, taking advantage of the power vacuum among Earth’s superhumans to launch an invasion. In minutes, Lex goes from world-conqueror to the leader of the rebellion.

The book is split between two timelines. In the future, we watch as Lex assembles the remaining heroes and villains to take a stand against Brainiac. In the present, we see Lex forging that alliance in the first place. Being a player of the game, I’m intrigued, but a bit confused. The game begins with this “future Lex” coming back to the present to warn the Justice League against the danger presented by his younger self. The dual timelines, though, make for a strange narrative. I can’t really tell what the thrust of this series is going to be – today or tomorrow? With luck, the next issue will make that clear.

The artwork is okay here. Porter and Livesay handle the scenes in the future, and the devastation left behind by Luthor’s war comes across really well. In the present, Melo and Lee don’t have as much action to illustrate, but their depiction of modern-day Luthor looks very nice. The Ed Benes cover is strong, except for (oddly enough) his Wonder Woman. It may just be the angle, but her face looks a bit off to me.

It’s not a bad way to kick off the series, but I hope it solidifies itself soon.

Rating: 7/10

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