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Uncle Scrooge #400

February 5, 2011

Title: The Man Who Drew Ducks

Writer: Rudy Salvagnini
Giorgio Vacazzano
Translation & Letters:
David Gerstein
Don Rosa & Andrew Dalhouse
Christopher Burns
Boom! Kids

Boom! Kids really put together a fantastic package for the 400th issue of Uncle Scrooge, starting with “The Man Who Drew Ducks.” In this wonderfully, weirdly bizarre meta-story, a young reporter shows up to interview a kindly old artist named Carl, who is one of the few people with permission to paint pictures of the world’s richest man, Scrooge McDuck. If you’re not getting it, I’ll lay it out for you  — Carl Barks was the man who created Scrooge and much of the rest of the “Duck” universe. In his retirement, he was one of the few people officially licensed to create works of art featuring the Disney characters semi-independent of the company. This story is part biography for Barks, part biography for Scrooge, and one of the strangest comics you’ll ever read. But it’s quiet, sweet, and utterly brilliant. It’s a magnificent tribute to one of the greatest comic book creators of all time.

Title: Obsession
Byron Erickson
Daan Jippes
David Gerstein

In “Obsession,” the focus shifts to one of Scrooge’s most nefarious enemies, Magica DeSpell. For years, Magica has been desperate to get her hands on Scrooge’s #1 dime to create the Midas Amulet, giving her the power to turn anything in to gold. Magica finds a loophole this issue that allows her to create the amulet without Scrooge’s dime – a dream come true, right? But when a villain of Magica’s caliber finally gets what she wants, what does she has left? This story is fantastic, a flawless dissection of Magica’s mind that still has plenty of room for comedy beats and lovely artwork.

The issue wraps up with three one-pagers by Carl Barks himself. These short stories were never intended to be sweeping works of brilliance, just quick gags to fill up the comic, and they do their job. Funny stories that put a capper on an anniversary issue that’s well worth the cover price.

Rating: 10/10

  1. February 17, 2011 at 3:10 am

    Just read this one and really enjoyed it.
    A wonderful tribute to the man who gave us so much enjoyment (and education) in our childhood days.

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